Luxury meat mincer

Luxury meat mincer is designed and produced by our company, and which is a new electric meat mincer machine.

It is strong stainless steel structure, professional meat slice technology, safety meat grinding process, the push screw is worked with the reducer and motor, which is lower energy consumption, high efficiency, highly capacity machine.

It is used to grind the beef, pork, mutton, fish and other kinds of meat.

Its structure is reasonable, good performance, easy operation. And is a deal processing machine in hotel, restaurant, food processing unites.


Model JR-12H JR-22H JR-32H
Dimension (mm) 440*390*410 490*430*420 540*570*510
Weight(kg) 28 35 80
Voltage(v) 220-240V/50Hz 220-240V/50Hz 220-240V/50Hz
Motor(Kw) 0.75 1.1 1.5
Capacity (kg/h) 150 300 700
Diameter of meat plate (mm) 4.2mm/6mm 4.2mm/6mm 4.2mm/6mm

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