Packaging and food machinery industry to upgrade imminent

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Product and packaging machinery industry has been 20 years, compared to the food industry, or a new industry. The 20 years is the period of the fastest growing technology in the world, new technologies in industry application, and domestic industry foundation is weak, lack of technical and scientific research strength, its development lags behind relatively, in a certain extent dragged the hindquarters of the food and packaging industry. A large number of high technical content of complete sets of equipment is still dependent on imports, a large number of foreign exchange for imports of high-end equipment. Such as plastic film biaxial stretching equipment, a production line nearest 100 million yuan, from the beginning of the last century 70's to introduce, so far, the country has imported 110 such production lines. In addition, used in and dairy industry, a large number of aseptic packaging box, filling equipment, almost all of the Swedish company Tetra Pak to provide a. China's food and packaging machinery industry to upgrade.

International packaging and food machinery development is to the requirements of large customers as the goal, to promote the development of related machinery. Major customer requirements are mainly reflected in the following aspects:
One of the requirements of higher production efficiency. This can reduce the cost of the product, to meet the delivery period. High-speed package machine requirements must have the cohesion with the former procedure, the link does not need to be transported, including control interface, the entire production line according to the production and packaging process arrangement to do reverse startup and shutdown sequence. Such as cold filling production line from the plastic raw material automatic on-line to beverage filling, packing and palletizing are automatically in a closed shop for.
Two is to adapt to changes in product updates. Packaging machinery to have a high flexibility and flexibility, the production line allows the size of a certain size range can change the size of the package. Because the life cycle of the product is much shorter than the service life of the equipment, the change of the product and the packaging is not to replace the expensive packaging production line.
Three is a common failure of equipment quickly ruled out. The solution is to enter the computer in advance, when the equipment is common fault can be diagnosed automatically, can also implement remote diagnosis and troubleshooting.
Four is required to have automatic recognition function. On the one hand, it can automatically identify the thickness of the packaging material, hardness, rebound, and so on, through the computer feedback to the mechanical hand to adjust the action, to ensure that no rebound. On the other hand, a variety of different products, such as different shapes of chocolate or dim sum, and so on, in the same box, the arrangement is a regular. Transfer production line products are disordered, available probe scanning determined different shaped material position, then back to the different mechanical hand, it will accurately correct the goods according to the accurate position and direction in the tray, fast and accurate, eliminate manual operation of your fingers and visual fatigue.
The food packaging machinery in fierce competition, the future of food packaging machinery will cooperate with industrial automation, promote to improve the overall level of packaging equipment, the development of multi-function, high efficiency and low consumption of food packaging equipment. And will set machine, electricity, gas, light, life, electromagnetic in one of the mechanical and electronic equipment used in food packaging machinery, in the design efforts to to improve the degree of automation of packaging machinery, packaging machinery R & D and the use of computer, and can realize the control of mechanical and electrical integration. Will machinery, computer, microelectronics, sensors and so on many kinds of discipline integration of advanced technologies, to the packaging machinery in the design, manufacture and control brought profound changes to fundamentally changed the status of packaging machinery.
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