Energy shortages affect the development of the hardware industry, energy saving

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Energy is a topic of great concern to the whole world. In recent years, China's rapid economic growth, the construction has made great achievements, but at the same time also paid a lot of resources and environmental costs, economic development and resources and the environment has become increasingly acute contradictions, this situation and China's current economic structure unreasonable, growth extensive direct correlation.
Statistics show that China's GDP accounted for 5.5% of the world, coal consumption has accounted for 38%; 7%, the world's total China can make use of the water resources, the amount of fresh water per capita 2400 cubic meters, only a quarter of the world average amount per capita; China need 50% of iron ore is mainly dependent on imports, China has become the world's largest iron ore importer...
Energy shortage has become a constraining bottleneck of economic development, faced with this problem, on the one hand we want to actively seek ways to develop new energy. On the other hand to in daily production and life of the spontaneous energy-saving emission reduction, increase the existing energy sustainable development performance.
Hardware industry by energy constraints impact is very large, the supply of raw materials in all kinds of non-ferrous metal is directly related to the development of hardware industry as a whole, on the one hand, in view of the hardware industry and life are closely related, if we can develop a large number of energy-saving products, the for energy conservation will also play should not be overlooked.
For example, the most commonly used in the daily life of the toilet, if you can work hard enough in the water, a year to save water is estimated that most people can be stunned. It is understood that, at present, China's high-end bathroom industry market is mostly overseas brands, in the low-end market has more than 3000 local brands, of which the larger enterprises only 50 to 100, the other is a small business. These small businesses generally have a small scale, obsolete equipment, a single product, low quality, lack of market competitiveness and other obvious disadvantages, many of which are non standard production. It is understood that the main reason for the low quality of the whole toilet production industry is that enterprises despise standards.
Countries in the relevant policy expressly provides that all with overall survival of the ceramic sanitary water pipe water seal depth shall not be less than 50 mm; installation sitting in the horizontal plane, then implement water is sealed surface area shall not be less than 100 mm x 85 mm; seal reply should be not less than 50 mm. But according to checks around, toilet quality unqualified more, of which most is because the water-saving standards is not up to the requirements, and some places in the spot checks found, many of the so-called water-saving products water actually reached more than 9 liters!
Therefore, since the impact of energy shortage to all individuals, enterprises of all of life and death, then energy saving and emission reduction is each person, each enterprise should pay attention to the link, Huicong small number called all the people together for the energy-saving and work hard!
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