Food equipment business opportunities?

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The National Bureau of statistics will be released in the first half of this month, the first half of this year and the main macroeconomic data in June. In the most popular prices, analysts expected, due to carryover factors such as pork, further increasing food prices, June consumer price index (CPI) rose may amounted to 6.2%, creates the year high, but half the price level is expected to slow down. Pork prices continue to rise sharply, vegetable prices rebound; both high agricultural products wholesale price index and the basket price index predicted 6 June food prices rose 0.2%, corresponding rose 13.8%. Accordingly, the June CPI prediction up to 6.2%.
Food price increases because of where the temporarily unable to say clearly, to be analyzed, but food prices of food vendors, "tiger", food prices are on the rise, the equipment is also the price of it? What are the business opportunities of food equipment? Growth point and where?
With the improvement of modern consumption trend of change and consumer grade, in life are increasingly in pursuit of the richness of the taste of food, arising from the trends of development in multi variety and small batch quantity for food production, then the food machinery of various types of popular in the market.
Also in addition to the city of hotels, restaurants have greater demand, the rural market demand for food machinery also showed strong Xiaoshi. With the improvement of living standards of farmers, many rural people also more and more exquisite quality of life, the modernization of food machinery for their life provides a convenient, therefore, for the rural market, the research and development of food equipment has been popular with farmers welcome. Especially noodle machine, noodle machine, dumpling machine and other food equipment, there is a vast market in rural areas.
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